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Hey fam! We're your go-to source for all the hottest events and activities happening around town. Planning an event and want to get the word out? Remember, submissions need to be sent in a minimum of THREE weeks in advance of the event date. Don't forget to check out the SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS BELOW FOR MORE DETAILS to ensure your event can be featured smoothly. Let's make some noise together!

Want Your Event Added?
  • SUBMIT THREE WEEKS IN ADVANCE to allow proper advertising visibility.

  • 60 words or less

  • Include any images and links that you'd like to have appear in your event ad: jpg, png or gif format.

  • We reserve the right to "edit down" to fit/make adjustments if necessary

  • Professional "camera ready" ads ok if space permits

Drop us a line and we'll help you get it in right.

Choose a time
Choose a time
Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

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